The Australian Health Curriculum – Is it helping or harming our children?


Aust Curric

“When you eat junk food, you get fat!” and “Is this food healthy?” When working with children, there’s nothing off limits and thoughts are heard out loud. Children think it and say it. These are the kinds of comments and questions I’ve had from primary students in the last twelve months. This seems to be the norm and it’s quite understandable in a culture obsessed with health ideals. Once upon a time, I used to respond to these in a very different way. Now, I know better.

My approach of knowing better does not mean knowing distinct facts to regurgitate, but to understand. To understand means that I’m actively engaged in learning as to what the bigger picture may be here. As a teacher I consider myself a lifelong learner; I’m always curious and I’m always questioning. My education background with a major in psychology and my recent nutrition studies…

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